Dogs: In One Fashion, We Are

As I was studying the Holy Scriptures, the Bible Christians use, I was reading the 4 chapter in John’s book.  In the fourth chapter, I noticed that Jesus said that He wanted his followers to worship Him in spirit and truth, and these are the type of worshippers that God the Father seeks (John 4.23).  When I read it, the phrase these are the types of worshippers stood out to me because I did not know that God had “a type.”  I remember when I would meet women and go out on dates and they would ask me,”Donnie, do you have a type” or “Donnie, what is your type?”  I would describe my preferences and while I described them, I knew the women would perform a self reflection and evaluate themselves to see if they made the cut.  Sometimes I thought my preferences would be pretty daunting, but exactly what I described most often sat before my eyes; with the exception of those one or two things that the woman would lack.

While studying this Scripture, I had to refer to the original Greek word that was written before the New Testament was translated into English.  The Greek translation for worshipper is proskunete; and its literal meaning means worshipper.  However, proskunete is derived from proskuneo which also means to worship, but in addition to this meaning it has the literary metaphorical meaning of one as a dog that licks or kisses the hand or face of his/her master.  If we were to insert the word or meaning proskuneo back into the English sentence, we would read,”A time is coming and has now come when the true worshipper will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of dogs that licks and kisses the hand or face of his/her master that the Father seeks.  In other words, Jesus Christ is seeking Christians that will not only worship him in spirit and in truth, but to be the type of worshipper that fears, reverences, and is humbled to the extent where we shower Christ with all honor, respect, deference, reverence, fear, praise, glory, majesty, and dominion.  Christ is the Master that has the power and authority to discipline the Christ follower/worshipper.  Christ is the Master that feeds the Christ follower/worshipper.  Christ is the Master that can turn away from the Christ follower/worshipper because of disobedience.  As Christians we must be like loyal dogs as dogs are loyal to their master.  Christ is the Master that can disallow the Christ follower/worshipper to sleep in the house.  Many may not like this analogy, but the reality is Christians can no longer be a proskuneo if Christ kicks the proskuneo out of the house.  If one is kicked out the house by one’s master, then one has become a koo-o.  Koo-o is a Greek word for dog that is referred as those people that will not partake in eternal life with Christ in heaven after Christ’s judgment.  Koo-o is Greek for dog, but it is literally spelled, in Greek, kappa-omega-omicron.  It is pronounced as ku-o;  some humans are proskuneo and some are koo-o.

So where is koo-o written in the Scriptures?  It is written in the book of Revelation 22. 15 (REMEMBER: There is only one book of Revelation, not two.  Many people and Christians refer to the book of Revelation as the book of Revelations).  Revelation 22. 15 states,”Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murders, the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.”  This verse is written in red ink which has been taught that the red ink is Jesus’ exact words.  If these words are indeed Jesus’ very words, in which I believe are Jesus’ very words, the verse before 15 is written in red and also the verse after 15 is written in red as well; therefore you are able to read the context of the verse to examine the text.  The Bible clearly identifies who will be admitted into heaven and who will not be admitted into heaven and my duty is to discuss, explain, teach, and articulate what the Scriptures state and how I believe Christians should respond to the Scriptures; our response should be in complete obedience.

The third dog is the Greek word kianos.  The Greeks referred to sodomites as kianos in the same fashion men are called dogs and in the same fashion women are referred to as female dogs; this happens in our generation slang or jargon.  The jargon term,  kianos, is not directly written in Scripture nor is it explicit, but it is implied through the Hebrew word qadesh. Qadesh is the Hebrew designated word for Sodomite which is a male that is consecrated into the unnatural vice of Sodom as a religious rite.  The exact definition of the word Sodomite is a male devotee (by prostitution) to licentious idolatry; and one considered unclean.  These sodomites worshipped Astarte, or Ashtaroth.  Thus far, we can now say that there are three types of dog designations in Holy Scripture, qadesh(sodomite), koo-o (dog that is outside the gates of heaven, and proskuneo(worshipper or dog that licks and kisses the hand of his/her Master.

SO WHAT?  WHY SHARE?  WHO CARES?  I am glad you are thinking this because many Christians are under the mis-understanding that once saved, always saved. I do not agree with this psuedo-reality and empty philosophy that man, woman, preachers, pastors, bishops and many other teachers of the gospel of Jesus Christ teach.  If Christians’ or Christ followers/worshippers maintained a sustained salvation to the extent that Christians/Christ followers can sin and sin and sin and sin, and not loose their name in the Book of Life, loose their place in heaven, or loose their salvation on earth then why would Paul say that Christians, or we specifically, must work out our salvation with/in fear and trembling (Philippians 2.12).  Paul wrote that because Christians must not continue in sinful living everyday under the assumption that Christians are good with God and Christians are not obligated to daily confess their sins and repent to Christ like a dog licking and kissing the hands of our Master of Salvation Jesus Christ; for these are the kind that Christ is looking for on earth.  Christ is looking for Christians who are obedient to His instruction and His Word.

If you are practicing idolatry such as oath taking/swearing to idols in fraternities and sororities, Masons, Easter Stars, or anything other process that compels oath taking, I admonish you that you should pray to Christ, confess your sin, and repent; and renounce.  It is a form of idolatry and I used to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc and I found out that the truth is that Apollo and Ares are the pantheon gods that hover over kappa.  Look at the shield, and look at the arrows which is symbolic for the god of war; the Bible says that we fight not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities, rulers of darkness, and powers in high places that are in the supernatural realm.  The Pan-hellenic council governs all frats and sororities and that word Pan is the spirit of fear.  I know some members of frats and sorors that are afraid of their prophytes; that is the spirit of fear.  God’s word says that God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of love, power, and a sound mind.  Fear comes from demonic influence and Christians giving the devil permission to induce fear upon them; even fear to renounce.  I cry out to you that you will not be able to be in the gates of heaven upon Christ’s return because it is idolatry.  I am not telling you this because I feel like Christians will go to hell because of frats and sororities, but since it is idol worship, I am telling you that the Holy Scriptures state in Revelation 21. 8,”But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murders, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur.  This is the second death.”  Do not get mad with me and try to fight me, because if you try to fight me in a sense you will fight God and you will lose.  Just work out your salvation with fear and trembling to God and Christ Jesus will release the Holy Spirit to teach you and show you and lead you to repentance.

To all those homosexuals who say that you were genetically born and biologically born as a homosexual or lesbian; that is a lie directly from Satan and Satan’s intelligence.  Yes, Satan is intelligent because Satan has allowed the worlds most famous inventors ans scientists to understand many sciences and Satan is so tricky that Satan knows how to psychologically influence people to believe that they cannot act as heterosexuals.  Well, I will say this, most homosexuals and lesbians have been sexually abused as children, introduced to some sort of perversion at young ages, and raped.  Because of those events, the enemy has allowed those sexual perversions to grow and develop into hyper-sexual cravings to the point where men that are over 29 have been masturbating for over 25 years and cannot stop; homosexualism, lesbianism, and even orgiastic activities are not enough sexual gratification for some.  But in love, I minister to you that God understands and has seen your hurt and pain dealing with masturbation (that you want to stop but can’t), homosexuality and lesbianism, prostitution, and all other lewd acts that are unpleasing to God.  Christ says that He can heal you from those spiritually transmitted diseases because it is not your fault.  Christ says that He accepts you and loves you as a person, but He Hates your sin because it is from Satan; Christ’s adversary.  You can be delivered and set free by calling on the name of Jesus.  There is no other name that can heal you and deliver you from sexual perversion.  I am a witness to Christ’s healing, deliverance, and liberation from sexual perversion from orgies to masturbation to porn addiction to lying and cheating in past relationships.  There are many ex-homosexuals that have given sexual perversion back to the devil and you can do it today.  God says that He will not allow any sexual immorality into heaven; don’t you want to go to heaven?  Be a proskuneo, be that person that adores Christ so much that you lick from the palm of His hands and kiss His face.

I love you and so does God, and I pray that you pray for God’s healing, forgiveness, deliverance, and love to place your name into the Book of Life and you will feed from the Tree of Life forever.  God bless you!

In Christ,

Pastor Donald Williams II

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Prayer: Our Weapon of Warfare

The more I grow in Christ, I daily understand that a demonic force consistently attempts to exalt itself above the knowledge and the things of Christ.  There was once a time when I used to get mad at Christian’s ungodly behaviors, attitudes, and worldviews, but Christ taught me that humanity’s behaviors, actions, and attitudes are influenced and led by what they feed their spirit.  Christ followers must feed their spirits with the things of Christ; praying to Christ, reading the Holy Scriptures, and loving our neighbors and enemies.  As Christ followers, we must be extremely careful of what we allow in our space, what activities we participate in, and even the types of music we listen to and T.V. shows that are viewed.  Christ followers must always be watchful and careful at all times because Satan wants to capture and control the mind and behavior of Christ followers at moments when least expected.  I believe that because Satan and Satan’s angels are cunning, crafty, intelligent, and sneaky, this is the very reason why Paul writes in Ephesians that Christ followers should always pray, and pray without ceasing.  Christ followers must pray without ceasing because Satan is against Christ, and Satan’s time is short and running out.  Because Satan’s time is running out and Satan’s time is short, I believe Satan wants to destroy as many people as possible.

Today, as I was teaching my campers chess, I noticed that when they were met with chess challenges, they wanted to quit.  In chess, the proper manner of quitting is to pick up the king and flip it over; almost like waving the king side to side, but in the downward direction.  This is a technique that I regret teaching them, but it was my responsibility to teach them how to properly quit.  One of the most major insights I realized about chess while driving home was that my students were able to make a decision to either fight through the challenge and gather strength, or to make the decision to quit.  Many of them chose the latter option of quitting.  Needless to say, the fact that many of them wanted to quit when confronted with a challenge showed me that their generation is about instant results and gratification.  Therefore, if these kids, in between the ages of 13-17 is faced with a challenge, they will choose the easy way out and not travel down the “road less travelled.”  The road less travelled is the undiscussed road that many of our Christian teenagers are constantly avoiding.

The Christian youths that are learning chess are African-American teenagers with diagnosed learning disorders and other mental and emotional challenges.  Most importantly, I noticed that most of their parents do not provide them with resources to receive a good education, healthy food, and a healthy home environment.

What is going on is that the kids carry the spirit of failure and it brought into the room, but I noticed that the spirit is not their fault, but it is a spirit that hovers over that particular region of where they live.  The spirit is sometimes passed down to them from generation to generation; parent to child; grandmother to grandchild.  It is really the death and dumb spirit that Jesus rebuked in Mark 9. 17-29.  After Jesus rebuked it, Jesus said that this spirit can only come out by prayer (v.29).  When I noticed that these kids were taking the easy way out, or the road often travelled, i.e. quitting, I became frustrated, impatient, and angry inside; but these are all carnal dispositions.  Instantly the Holy Spirit corrected me, and told me that I cannot give up on these kids with my impatience and selfishness, the Lord told me that this deaf and dumb spirit can only be defeated by prayer.

Prayer is the only way that the deaf and dumb spirit can come out.  At that very moment, I realized that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty with God through the pulling down of strongholds; casting down imaginations and every high thing that attempts to exalt itself above the knowledge of God, bring into captivity every thought into the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians. 10.4,5).  I will be honest, my initial response to the spirit of failure was to allow them to fail, quit, but allowing that demonic attack to attempt to prevail over Christ’s will goes totally against what God has commissioned me to do during this season of ministry.  Therefore, the Lord quickened me with sharing James 1.5-8 with them, and not only did I share that with them, I told them that Satan wants them to quit on themselves and feel sorry for themselves and become angry and sin.  That anger and frustration can lead to self-destruction resulting in sin.  That disposition is a entry point and doorway for demonic spirits to take hold of our Christian children.

The Lord also quickened me and told me that if I did not pray, that I would be a hindrance to their inheritance into the Kingdom of God.  Now that revelation truly convicted me because Jesus says that anyone who hinders a child from coming into the Kingdom of God and doing the will of Christ, in summary, is better for them to drown.  People, I am not drowning, I am swimming, so the Lord quickened me to pray for them.  Before I left we prayed and the children were completely silent.  I did not know what was going on in their minds; I did not know if they were afraid, delivered, healed, hopeful, uncomfortable, or angry.  But one thing I noticed, especially with children, is that when they are silent, they process what has taken place, they attempt to discern the cause and meaning of what happened, and their hearts are softened.  I believe that spirit was removed from their lives.  I believe the Lord allowed me  and used me to sow a seed of excellence, perseverance, and strength into their lives, and prayerfully someone will water that seed, and God will perform the growth.

My point for writing this blog is to let you know that many people do not have a clue of what demonic spirit is at operation in one’s life.  The spiritual realm and the demonic system is real, and there are activities that give credence and allegiance to Satanic influences to freely operate in the life of Christ followers.  Christ followers must be fully conscious at all times.  We must ask God to give us a sound mind, love, and power to do the work that the Lord wants us to accomplish for Christ.  We must also be aware that people’s greed, love for money, gluttony, anger, selfishness, lust, perversion, seduction, homosexuality, lesbianism, hedonism, addiction, infidelity, idolatry is a spirit that is working through many Christ followers; and they do not even know that it is a spirit.  Satan likes the fact that people will not admit that a spirit is working in them, and Satan also likes that people cannot see that an evil spirit is working within them.  Fortunately, Satan cannot overcome the power in prayer, and the spiritual discipline and spiritual weapon of prayer.  Prayer can break yokes and it is not a carnal weapon.  If you would like to read a biblical example of the power of prayer and what prayer can do, read Acts 4.23-31.  This is powerful, and I believe that it will transform your belief in prayer.  You do not have to be a special person, have a title of a bishop, God hears the child’s prayer just like God hears the apostle’s prayers.

In conclusion, when you recognize that someone is not acting godly, you do not have to judge them, but instead pray for them.  Pray that God will take the spirit of anger, the lying spirit, the spirit of fear and remove it; and cast it into the sea.  I promise you, when you pray to Christ, you will see results.  God bless you!  In Christ.

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Fraternal/Sororal membership: Anti-Christian

On June 21, 2010, this Wednesday, at Macedonia Baptist Church, in a town called Norristown in Philadelphia, Pa I will be speaking at a summer Bible Institute that will promote and teach the Biblical teachings against secret societies, fraternities, sororities, and Freemasonry.  I will be teaching the biblical principles that rejects the possibility of naming oneself a follower of Christ while maintaining ties with fraternities.  I am privy to do this because I have renounced my membership and ties to Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Incorporated.  I am ordered by God to denounce fraternities because it does not promote Kingdom principles; nor is it apart of the Kingdom of God.  In fact, fraternities and sororities promote the kingdom of Satan mainly because all fraternities and sororities invoke the presence of their pantheon gods; which are pagan gods of Greek, Babylonian, and Roman nomenclature.  Kappa Alpha Psi’s pantheon god is Ares and Apollo.  This fraternity worships two gods.  How do Christians justify their worship, oath-taking, and submission to foreign gods as “righteous” to Christ our Saviour?  How do Christians justify themselves as walking with Christ, but submitting to oaths, singing fraternal hymns, and practicing pagan rituals in the name of other gods?  My position is obvious, I do not recommend Christians should become members of these organizations.  I am a minister of Jesus Christ, and as a minister I do not see any Kingdom good with participating in a fraternity or a sorority, or any secret society while being used by God to do Kingdom business/work.

When I answered with a “yes” to God’s instruction of submitting myself to discussing Jesus to nations of people, one of God’s requirements were for me to renounce my membership and ties to the fraternity.  Not only did God instruct me to renounce, but I was instructed by Christ to denounce all philosophies of man, traditions of men, secret societies and organizations; this includes fraternities, sororities, wicca groups, Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, and even Eastern Stars.  Many people that are deacons, ministers,pastors, bishops, and members of the God’s body have an affiliation with these organizations.  Not only are some of these people affiliated with these organizations, but some have family members that refuse to let go of these ties with these organizations.  My mission is to explain the inside truth about these organizations and share them with the world.  Not only within the walls of the church, but also beyond the walls of the church.  REPENT, RENOUNCE, and RECONCILE YOUR RIGHTS WITH GOD!  GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS PROVIDED KINGDOM RULES, REGULATIONS, PRINCIPLES, AND COMMANDMENTS BECAUSE HE DOES NOT WANT HIS FOLLOWERS TO BECOME OPPRESSED WITH DEMONIC SPIRITS. GOD IS JEALOUS!  This is why I had to renounce, because I cannot, with purity, discuss want God wants from His people while operating under the influence of a familiar spirit; i.e. the influence of idolatry and witchcraft.

Fraternities and sororities promote classism, alcoholism, elitism, theft, abuse, death, violence, exclusivism, culture, seduction, perversion, favoritism, necromancy, mind control, submission to man/woman and not God, and a ton of other evils.

For those individuals that profess to be a follower of Jesus Christ, I beg the question,”Do you believe homosexuals, the impoverished, HIV patients, and sexual predators should be welcomed to receive and inherit the Kingdom of God?”  If you say yes, then your Christian worldview is tremendously flawed, because the poor cannot be apart of the fraternity or sorority; in fact, a potential must have money.  If one answers yes to the above question, then one holds a worldview that believes the Kingdom of God exclusive; i.e. anyone can be welcomed to enter and inherit the Kingdom of God. If one claims to profess to be apart of God’s kingdom, but is a member of a fraternity or sorority then you are an confused because how can you be apart of God’s kingdom, which is exclusive, and believe anyone is welcomed to receive the Kingdom inheritance, but be a member of a fraternity or sorority with a worldview of “fraternity or sorority” is inclusive. Not everyone is welcomed into fraternities and sororities, but everyone is welcomed into the Kingdom of God; but everyone is not going to “yes” to God’s kingdom.  If you answered yes to the above question, but is apart of a fraternity or a sorority then one must re-think one’s beliefs.  I believe God wants to receive all people, with open arms, into the inheriting God’s kingdom.  Now when one is sick with AIDS, participates in witchcraft, homosexuality, whoredom, perversions, drugs, gambling, lying, stealing, and other personal, social, and institutional sins that desires to inherit the Kingdom of God, God will accept them into His presence, but in God’s presence, God will heal, deliver, transform, and set free forever; because of His love.  Let us not forget about God’s love; it conquers all things.

So how does fraternities and sororities operate in the spirit of bondage?  Well, it is spiritual bondage on three levels: 1) it stems from African-American slavery, 2) pagan slavery, and 3) submission to human powers that are received on earth.  My argument of African American slavery leads to the idea of Willie Lynch and what Lynch promoted.  He promoted not only African-American loss of self-identity and insecurity, but classism.  How did classism begin within the African-American context?  It started in the house of the slave master on the plantation.  The slave master needed someone to cook the food, clean the bathrooms, and perform various duties in the house; that someone was called “the house negroe.”  The house negroe, most of the time was a woman, because the man had to work outside.  Willie Lynch wanted the negroe family to be separated so the slave master forced the negroe woman to live inside the house away from her husband.  (We wonder why divorce is so high within African Americans)!  The negroe woman became independent from her negroe man because they were not even allowed to sleep in the same bed.  The negroe woman was raped by her slave master, but while she was raped and allowed to work in the house, she became privileged.  Therefore the power dynamic within the African-American shifted and became exploited.  The negroe woman had light skinned babies, and the negroe woman told the “field nigger” to kill chickens so the white family can eat dinner.  The field nigger became inferior to the house negroe, and the house negroe became evolved into a light skin colored person with more liberty to utilize power over the “field nigger.”  As time developed and evolved and African Americans became free from slavery, hatred was the result of such division within the African American race.  Jealousy was created and classism was promoted.  Classism was promoted because the light skinned negroe received education from the white people because the house negroe needed to learn how to read in order to communicate with the white people.  Not only did the light skin negroe receive education, but the light skin negroe, if the slave master’s family died and had not beneficiaries, the light skin negroe was next in line for the inheritance.  That inheritance became the light skin negroes source of power and organizations were formed for the empowerment of African-Americans.  However, the uneducated, field nigger was too dark to pass the brown paper bag contest.  If one did not pass the brown paper bag contest, then the dark skinned nigger could not get in, and therefore receive some sort of social and political power.  This same spirit of bondage exists today.  Christians do not want to leave the plantation, let alone Pharoah’s authority; Egypt.

The second form of bondage is pagan slavery.  When one takes the oath that solicits the fraternity/sorority’s secrets to not be disclosed, then one has submitted themselves to the power of that pantheon god in which the fraternity/sorority upholds.  This is no different than relinquishing one’s submission to God for a demonic power.  This act and practice of oath taking is also no different than saying “I do” in a marriage ceremony.  One that has taken the oath has proclaimed, “I do” and has given oneself away to that Greek, Roman, or Babylonian god; in the fraternities/sororities position, this god is really Egyptian thought and not Greek.  These fraternities and sororities are more Egyptian than they are Greek.  But this is another part of the ignorance that most fraternal/sororal members operate and function; ignorance.  The Bible says that,”my perish because of the lack of knowledge”(Hosea 4.6).

The third point is really self-explanatory because everyone knows that in order to qualify for “full” membership, one should pledge, and the pledging process does not represent, participate, or do anything Christian.  Pledging within itself is anti-Christian; so if one pledges, how can one call deem pledging or fraternity/sorority as representing the fundamentals of Christian if it is said that the fraternity/sorority is Christian based; the devil is a liar people of God!

Fraternal/sororal members must repent because a house cannot stand if it is divided.  If you do a careful observation and evaluation of God’s kingdom you will notice that many houses are not standing because the foundations are not built and grounded in biblical principles; these divided and falling houses are built on cultural principles.  God loves you so much that He has allowed you to read this introduction of fraternal/sororal denunciation as being unbiblical and anti-Christian, deeming it operating in the spirit of the anti-Christ.  God wants you to ask for forgiveness and repent of your sins so that you will inherit His kingdom in your life.  You cannot be apart of God’s kingdom while operating in Satan’s kingdom; one of those houses are going to be divided and will not be able to stand. Jesus argued that he cannot operate in Satan’s kingdom against the Pharisees that thought Jesus was healing, delivering, and prophesying by he devil’s power and kingdom.  Answer this question:  If the foundations are destroyed then what can the righteous do?  This is a rhetorical question.

If you are a minister, pastor, bishop, or whatever man has called you, and you are apart of this Satanic kingdom, God wants all of you, and God wants you to fully be apart of God’s Kingdom; Christ loves you.  The filter that God pours into you is the same filter that you sometimes allow Satan to pour into your spirit, and when you are tied to these fraternities, sororities, and other philosophical organizations your filter is tainted, and therefore one is unable to preach Christ in purity.  You can be set free today; You can be delivered today.  Call the headquarters, write the letter, call your chapter Polemarch, president, basileus, or whomever the power or principality is and renounce.  Tell them to take your name off of the list.  Do not, even as much, do community service with them, because you are still participating in activities with the ungodly.  God did not say that you cannot be friends with the ungodly, but He requests that we be the “light” in dark places, and not blend our “light” with the “dark” to the extent where our light that He has given us cannot shine.  Today is a day of God’s love and forgiveness and deliverance into your life.  Be free today, in Jesus’ Name!  Yahshuah-HaMaschiach!  Jesus is the Messiah! He is a healer, deliverer, redeemer, Savior, and Creator and God over and exalted above all powers, heaven and earth, and above all gods!  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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Prophetic Word from the Lord

1 Chronicles 12.32 says,”men of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.  Because the Holy Scriptures literally states men does not necessarily exclude the women, but the Scriptures were specifically referring to the men that fought in wars.  It was not a common practice or habit for women to fight for Israel, however, women did play a roll in the entire scheme of war; nurses, chefs, prophets, and even Queens had a roll when Israel went to war.

I must emphasize this gender exclusive language with the fact that God did not discriminate or show favor on who he graced with giftings, callings, and anointings.  However, just as the men “understood the times and knew what Israel should do,” the women possessed the same discernment; and sometimes even to a greater capacity than the men.  The reason why the women may have used their discernment to a greater capacity is because while the men were fighting other agents were sent to the tribal territories to distract the women from maintaining the community. The Scripture adds by stating,”with all their relatives under their command;” that same mantle of discernment, ascertainment by seeing, separating mentally, distinguishing, but this is a not a sense of knowing from reading a book.  This type of discernment is an inherent discernment that God can only grace.  Overall, all of the sons and daughters of Issachar were gifted with this anointing.

Christ needs a generation of followers that have a discerning eye and a discerning ear.  A generation of young men and women that are not easily misled by the lusts of the eye.  This a generation of Kingdom warriors that fight through “pulling down strongholds” and “casting down the impure, unholy, doubting imaginations of the their minds, and all high things that exalt itself over the knowledge of God.”  The anointing of Issachar that is going to released on this generation of men and women are going to understand money, economics, biochemistry, oceanography, theology, atmospheric shifts in the spiritual realm, seasonal changes; they are prophets and seers of God; Servants of the Lord!

Why is this release of God’s anointing critical to the Kingdom of God?  The church needs answers!  These anointed must give the church direction and understanding of how to handle the next level of the increased economic atrocity that the U.S. is about to experience.  These anointed must be able to understand preservation that will sustain the church in the U.S. that is failing and loosing membership.  These anointed must be able to tell the church what to do in order to be prepared for Christ’s return.  These anointed young men and women will run away from titles, but they will yield to the title of Servants of the Lord.  They will not even gravitate toward such cultural titles of bishops and first ladies, because they understand that the Kingdom must invade the culture.  They will put an end to the present and current outrage of culture invading the Kingdom of God and allowing it to happen.  Therefore, they will operate out of the five-fold ministry.  New leaders will take over the church.  There will be a decrease in conferences and conventions, but there will be more revivals; similar to Azuza Street Revival.  Much like revivals we see in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  People worshipping God in the rain and hail for hours waiting on the latter rain of God; and it will come.  The church in the United States and in Europe is dying; that is why the anti-Christ will come from the European region.  The European region and the U.S. is the home of secularism.  God will make these anointed much like the prophet Ezekiel.  God says, “I will make you as unyielding and hardened as they are.  I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint” (Ezekiel 3.8,9).

So much is happening in the spiritual realm at this moment.  The Bentley’s are played out in the church, the 25 button suits are no longer the “in-thing.”  The collars are done, the crosses that are gold plated and iced out are done.  Half of the bishops that wear the cross could not tell you why they wear the cross because none of them suffer anyhow.  How can a bishop suffer if he has over 6,000 members and getting paid no less than $600,000 a year.  The Jamal Bryant’s are over with, his season is actually over with, but he does not know it yet, the false prophets that soothsay from the pulpit are spiritually dead.  The joint college of bishops are pretty much over with, but they do not see it coming; unless they humble themselves and relinquish their authoritative high horse.  God is the only authority, and half of those bishops are not God-sent anyway.  Most of them are man-made and man-appointed bishops and not Godly-appointed.  But there will be a few bishops that will drop their bishopry and become servants.  The cross will take on new meaning for them.  The cross will remind them that they must suffer as Christ suffered.

A revival people of God is taking place.  These anointed will take on the title of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers; but not at their own desires or wishes.  They will wear these titles by default.  They will not lead God’s sheep astray.  They will take a stand against the spirit of perversion and all other biblical strongholds, and their anointing will be so powerful that it shakes the earth, the world, the devil’s playground.  They will shake the earth to the extent that playboy will lose revenue, pornography will fight harder and harder to recruit more actors and workers because the Kingdom will reclaim its anointed, and God’s anointed will be true worshippers of Christ, and will understand doctrine, the Godhead, they will understand finances and bring about financial breakthroughs in the Kingdom, they will bring forth gangs that will hand in their colors and guns, and clean the church out from the demonic cultural forms that have resided in the church for the past 10-15 years.  The grand entrances of first ladies, the absence of the pastor during praise and worship, the fancy suits, the throwing off of suit jackets will cease, the climbing over pews/chair will cease.  It has to be done with in order for Christ to do what Christ wants to do.  Get ready for this anointing to breakthrough.  To God be the Glory!

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The Importance of Biblical Exegesis

My wife and me had a discussion about understanding Scripture, and she mentioned that an exegetical analysis of the Holy Scriptures is too complicated for the “church” to understand because an exegesis requires layers and layers of research and putting a scrambled puzzled together.  That bothered me because many pastors that preach the gospel of Jesus Christ on a weekly, and sometime bi-weekly basis, do not take the time to properly and accurately exegete a passage of Scripture.  Because of their travel schedules, I can understand how this may not be realistic for them; the activity of biblical exegesis that is.  However, I had to explain to my wife what happens when a biblical exegesis is not accurately, carefully, and properly performed.  The lack of performing a biblical exegesis causes one to abuse Scripture, misunderstand Scripture, misinterpret Scripture, and miss God.  This is and has been detrimental to the church because most Christians can quote Scripture but they may not know what Scripture truly means.  Reciting Scripture is one thing, but it is another thing to know what that Scripture means and how that Scripture can be applied.  Because many pastors have failed to perform a proper exegesis of Scripture, sermons have be written, produced, sold to the masses, and even, unfortunately, led people to spiritual damnation.  This spiritual damnation has led Christians to incorrectly refer to the book of “Revelation” as the book of “Revelations;” and by the way there is only one book of Revelation and there is only One Ultimate Revelation and that Revelation is Jesus Christ.  This spiritual damnation has led Christians to believe that they can receive grace while living in lasciviousness, it has led Christians to forget and not honor and obey the Ten Commandments, it has led Christians to disregard the 12 pillars of the church, i.e. the disciples, and once again, as my last blog stated, “the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on.

This blog will help readers to understand the importance of performing a biblical exegesis.  This blog will also help readers to discern if the sermons that are heard on a regular basis are in line with Christ’s love, the Godhead, meaning the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit’s authority, rule, dominion, majesty, and glory; in line with Christ’s salvation, and righteous living; meaning operating and functioning in the manner of God’s Kingdom.  This blog will also give the reader an example of a sound exegesis of Mark 11. 12-14 that the Lord assisted me to complete.  This blog will also help all readers to investigate and understand the reasons why an exegesis is needed in order to understand languages, words, poems, raps, songs, and revelations that were written ages ago.  I believe this is a good place to begin.

My first point that I will make is that investigators, critics, and media analysis agents take the time and effort to research all of Tupac Shakur’s raps, interviews, and lifestyle to conjure clues that led to his death.  They do this so that they can explain who did not like him, who he did not like, who is mother was, who impregnated Brenda, when she became pregnant, and ultimately how she became pregnant; artificial insemination is possible.  However, they analyze the mental and emotional state Tupac was currently experiencing during his time of rapping.  This action is taken to assist them with connecting clues to exploring the idea of “Makaveli” and if Makaveli still exists.  In a nutshell, these critics find out when Tupac wrote his lyrics, where Tupac lived when he wrote his lyrics, what Tupac was drinking or smoking when he wrote his lyrics, who his girlfriend was when he wrote his lyrics, because all of these issues play a role as to why he wrote a particular song at a particular time for a particular reason and why he was shot and why he may have mentioned the Illuminati.  These critics do this for the mere cause of helping viewers, listeners, and fans to understand the identity of Tupac.  It is the identity of Tupac that VH1 wants its viewers to understand and know.

Just like VH1, any well trained seminarian, preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and teacher of the Bible would want his/her learners and congregants to know the identity, nature, and character of God.  Therefore, I, as a well trained seminarian, guided by the Holy Spirit desires all my readers to discover the nature, identity, and character of God by way of giving readers and listeners an accurate, coherent, articulate, and a careful biblical exegesis.  Before I explain and analyze Mark 11. 12-14, I must share some realistic facts with you.

First, please do not ever make the excuse of claiming that the Bible is too challenging to understand.  Please do not claim that Jesus’ parables are too difficult to understand.  I say this, because some Jewish sects have to memorize, understand, and interpret all 613 commands that are contained in their book of Law; the Torah.  Not only is that the case, but some other Jewish sects require their 9 year old children to understand and interpret the Hebrew Scriptures; the TaNak.  My point in sharing this information is to influence the Christian church to begin training our Christian children to know the 5 pillars of society, the 12 pillars of the Christian church, the 10 Commandments, all of the Hebrew name designations of Yahweh, and to live a life of submission to God; all at an early age.  Most importantly, to encourage Biblical intellectualism, ecclesiological intellectualism, and Christological intellectualism.  Furthermore, the Bible was written over 2000 years ago, and the Bible’s authors wrote the Scriptures for certain purposes, and the authors were stationed at certain countries in the world.  These authors were of certain Jewish tribes; i.e. Old Testament authors.  The Bible’s authors were of certain socio-economic backgrounds, and obtained various educational levels; Luke was said to be a Physician; the men of Issachar were astronomers.  The attributes of the Bible’s authors were influenced and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, the tone of the author’s writings vary.  Some books are poetic, prophetic, argumentative, letters, and some are historical books and legal documents.  Because of these various genres, one should not attempt to exegete the book of Revelation in conjunction with the Song of Songs.  Some preachers exegete a New Testament passage along with an Old Testament historical book.  Although this practice is forbidden in the halls of the seminary, it can sometime be useful when wanting to support an argument or point one attempts to explain from a passage of Scripture.  However, it is dangerous and abusive to exegete Mark while applying Genesis 23, 1 Chronicles 7.14 with Psalm 111; for example sake.  I say this is dangerous because there is no harmony in the context of Mark with the other texts just mentioned.  When this is done, the listener or reader of an exegesis or sermon can possibly walk away confused and with unhealthy and dangerous questions.  In fact, they can question God and not ask God questions; there is a difference.  Therefore, since the Bible contains various genres of books, because the Bible is a library of books, because the authors had various motives and the intent of Scripture is not always the same, there MUST be a careful examination of biblical exegesis and hermeneutic understanding that maintains the integrity of the Scripture.  Below is an exegesis of Mark 11. 12-14:

Why Mention the Fig Tree?

The issue with the fig tree is not that fig trees are bad, demonic, or incapable of producing figs, but Jesus’ issue with this particular fig tree is that the fig tree failed to nourish Christ’s hunger; Mark 11.12 states that Jesus was hungry.  When Jesus recognized that only leaves were on the fig tree and bore no figs, Jesus said, ”May no one ever eat fruit from you again.”  This statement, within itself, means exactly what Jesus said; no one can ever eat fruit from the tree. (But what happens when you attempt to draw fruit from trees where fruit does not appear?)  At that point, when Jesus was unable to draw figs from the tree, that fig tree took on the personification of a usurper of God’s authority.  Biblically, fig trees are symbolic of plenty, abundance, usefulness, Kingdom prosperity (not to be mistaken for financial prosperity gospel teachings) and life.  This fig tree that did not bear figs, when Jesus needed figs became a symbol of evil, religious knowledge, ritualistic organization, traditions and philosophies that attempt to exalt itself above the knowledge of Christ, and a heretical church whose branches have withered away.  It is important to know that anything that does not nourish the hunger of God and satisfy the needs of God’s kingdom is perceived, by God, as something that attempts to exalt itself above the knowledge and power of God.  In order to understand this biblical interpretation, I must explain botany of the fig tree.  Before I do, I must state that the interpretation of this text should not give Christians the impression that Christians are able to walk around cursing things if it does not satisfy the Christian’s needs.  The interpretation of this text should not compel Christians to believe that Christians have a magical power of causing businesses to fail, people to die, or cause dark to turn into light.  Because the tree failed to nourish Jesus’ hunger, Jesus commanded the fig tree to never produce fruit to the extent that no one would be able to pursue any effort with attempting to draw figs from the tree. Because the fig tree attempted to exalt itself above Christ, Christ had to show His disciples the nature of Christ, as God the Son of the Godhead, and secondly, Christ had to exemplify His authority, power, and rule over all creation.

Not only does God perceive traditions, rituals, heresies, and systems that attempt to exalt itself above the Godhead as evil, but Jesus had another reason for cursing systems.  As I mentioned before, this fig tree, at the time did not produce figs.  Jesus knew that when He saw that tree from afar off, that the fig tree would not produce figs for that entire year.  However, the following year that fig tree could produce figs; unfortunately, Jesus forbade the fig tree to never produce figs.  When Jesus saw that the fig tree only bore leaves, Jesus thought to himself that this was an opportunity to teach the disciples how to discern.  In order for you to understand this, I must explain the botany of the fig trees that grew in Palestine; after all, Jesus and the disciples were in Palestine.

At this time of the year, edible figs were still about six weeks away, but the bland fruit had recently appeared on the tree in late March; they would become ripe by late May.  These were the early figs that preceded the main crop of late figs, which were ripe for harvest from mid-August into October.  If only leaves appeared, without the early figs, that tree would bear no figs that year—early or late.  Because everyone would know that it was “not yet the season for {real} figs,” Jesus is making a point about trees that only pretend to have good fruit.  Symbolically, Jesus is making a point about systems, organizations, schools of thoughts that pretend to be good.  MAIN POINT OF THE PARABLE:

Jesus wants His Kingdom citizens to utilize the gift of discerning the spirit that are supporting systems, organizations, and schools of thoughts for the purpose of knowing if these systems satisfy the hunger of God.  If these systems, schools of thought, and organizations retain philosophies that exalt itself over the knowledge, wisdom, and the authority of the Godhead, then God’s Kingdom citizens will not be able to draw fruit from these systems.

Adam and Eve gave us a perfect example of what it looks like to draw fruit from a cursed tree.  Adam and Eve knowingly ate from a cursed tree, and after they ate from the cursed tree they covered themselves, as a sign of embarrassment and disgrace with fig leaves.  We just learned that systems that do not satisfy the hunger of God only produce evil.  Adam and Eve covered their nakedness with fig leaves; i.e. leaves from a fig tree (Gen. 3.7).  When we walk in shame and guilt of going against God, essentially, we cover our sins with evil, and we hide from Truth.  The Lord is calling us not to hide from Truth, but this is our day of facing the Truth to be set free from lifting up graven images, worshipping other gods, breaking unholy alliances with the demonic kingdom to re-claim our allegiance and citizenship into God’s Kingdom.

Now, many sermons have been developed in relation to the fig tree, but the Holy Spirit has brought me into a deep revelation that the Holy Spirit felt the church needs to know and understand; i.e. see and comprehend.  In conclusion, when an exegesis is wrongfully performed or if there is a lack of biblical exegesis, God’s people perish in sin, and ultimately misunderstand God and miss God.  I pray that this blog helps you to understand why an exegesis is important and also why it is important to be led by the Holy Spirit to discern false doctrine, philosophy from TRUTH, and identify a sermon that will preserve your faith in God and not give you false hopes in God.  I also pray, that if your pastor preaches sermons that often makes you feel good and does not provoke any conviction, I pray that the Lord leads you into personal Scriptural research that will challenge and stretch your faith; and send you to a church that preaches TRUTH, LOVE, JESUS, and not sermons filled with man made ideologies, thoughts, and new discoveries of how to get a blessing from God.  It is not always what God can do for us, but it is mostly what God needs us to do for HIM!  I also pray that you will spend time with the Lord, because 5 minutes out of your day is not long enough for you to receive ALL that the Lord requires of you.  The psalmist spoke prophetically when she said,” there is more that I, the Lord, requires of you,” and you will not be able to receive the instruction with even 30 minutes a day.  God wants your time, because He gave you time; ultimately, it is God’s time that we are on, not ours.  In fact, God’s time is different from our idea of time.  God moves and operates at an appointed time!  God bless you and Christ’s loves you!  In Christ, Pneumaled!

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Let’s talk about Kingdom Matters

A really good friend of mine, Paul Morton Jr., wrote a song some years ago entitled, “Why Can’t I Sing About Love,” and he questions the church because the church had an issue with the genre of music he sings.  His dad, Bishop Paul S. Morton, has a reputation for singing “gospel” music for over 30 years.  P.J’s issue is that if he is singing about love, and love comes from Christ, then he should be able to sing about love; regardless of what genre/platform he occupies.  Well, my issue is similar, but different in regards to a major issue I have with the world, and even some Christians.  My question is how come some people do not want to talk about God? Specifically, in my context, some of the people I know and may have communication encounters with do not want to talk about God.  In fact, they do not want to engage in intellectual dialogue about God.  They do not want to talk about God’s nature, God’s character, or what God wants from them.  However, if there is a conversation about God, they would rather want to discuss what they need God to do and the discussion of “all they want to say is, ‘thank you.'”  “I just want to say thank you,” is what most people in my former Christian-social context used to proclaim.  I used to ask myself, “do they not have anything else to say to God?”  Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with just saying “thank you.”  My issue is that African Americans are definitely more intelligent than just a “thank you.”  For Christianity was birthed on African soil, and was the place where Jesus went when the Roman Emperor wanted to slay all male babies.

I want to engage the community in dialogue about Christ.  Let’s talk about the healings of Christ, the parables Jesus taught, and how we can apply them in our lives, and we can also talk about our wait for Jesus’ return for His people.  We can talk about the relevancy of Scripture in a post-modern context and even a western context.  We can talk about Jesus’ love and how we can better express and show love toward each other.

I believe love is the missing link in our relationships in the Kingdom.  Love is the foundation of God’s Kingdom; without Love, there is no Kingdom of God.  Love conquers all things!  Love conquers sicknesses, diseases, arguments, poverty, death-like situations, heartaches, sorrow, hurt, and the list can go on forever.  The reason why the list can go on forever is because Love lasts forever; it surpasses all things.  Love is so powerful and so infinite that our finite words cannot totally and accurately explain Love.  We try, but it is frustrating that our words fall short of expressing, explaining, and articulating love.  However, I can appreciate the various ways love is expressed through song, preaching, poems, and by marriages and other relationships.

We could also talk about Oprah and her philosophy that teaches that there are alternate avenues to God other than Jesus Christ.  What are Christians saying about this?  In fact, let me rephrase my question.  What are Kingdom citizens saying about Oprah’s philosophy? Are these “kingdom citizens” attempting to evangelize and witness to Oprah or trying to do business with her?  I believe that “kingdom citizens” that get along with Oprah’s doctrine are batting for the other team.  You cannot tell me that if God has given “kingdom citizens” the opportunity to meet Oprah, that opportunity was not meant to minister Christ to Oprah.  Unbelievable!  If the Lord gave me the opportunity to sit next to Oprah and actually speak to her, we would definitely have to talk about Jesus.  Does not the Bible talk about the early Christians having all things in common?  What do Christians have in common with a false doctrine such as Oprah’s?  When someone researches the answer, please comment on my blog.  Well, the only answer I can think of is that God the Father created Oprah, you, and me; that is the only thing I have in common with Oprah.

I just toss out a few topics that we could discuss and engage in dialogue and challenge our minds to think, act, and believe beyond our current means of processing information.  We must challenge each other in God’s Kingdom.  There is no intense and challenging conversations that stretch our faith in God.  We as Kingdom citizens must help develop each other’s faith with Scripture.  Why Scripture?  Scripture is our final authority.  It is our authority with the guidance and leading of the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, we can talk about homosexuality in the church, same-sex marriage, horoscopes, fortune-telling, divorce, throwing money at pastors while they preach, soothsaying in the pulpit, false prophets, infidelity, fraternities and sororities, secular music, Christian persecution,Christian-Muslim conflict, creation (ex nihilo, Sola Scriptura), eschatological theology, heresy, abortion/Molech/planned parenthood, and the list can go on and on.  Trust me, the Bible has a stance on all of these issues that listed above.  Let’s talk about Kingdom Matters!

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Kingdom citizenship/God’s kingdom or Satan’s kingdom?

For some time now, many Christians have been attempting to answer the question, “Is it possible to be a follower of Jesus Christ while simultaneously partaking in fraternal or sororal membership?”  If we were in the halls of the seminary, the seminary academy would beg the question,” Can one participate in God’s Kingdom while participating in Satan’s kingdom?”  The next question we would have to ask is, “Are fraternities and sororities identified as a sub-culture of God’s Kingdom?”  In addition, do sub-cultures exist in God’s Kingdom and did Christ create sub-kingdoms? The seminary halls should not be our final answer and authority to our theological questions, but they should be the engine or rudder to our questions.  In other words, the seminary should continue to drive our theological questions and discussions while the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, should be and is our final answer and authority to our questions.  If we employ a biblical answer to our question then the analysis of whether Jesus would approve a Christ follower partaking in fraternal or sororal membership could be simply answered; and prayerfully many Christians would renounce their membership of fraternities and sororities.  After biblical answers are applied to our theological questions and Christians remain members of fraternities and sororities, then I would be compelled to ask them,”what is it are you holding on to? or what is it that is holding on to you?”  Although I know the answer to the latter question.

This particular blog will specifically target Greek fraternities and sororities.  Subsequent blogs will deal with other secret societies and organizations.  In this blog, an exegesis will be applied to the discussion for the purpose of the reader’s understanding of what Jesus meant when Jesus stated in Matthew 5.33-37 that states, “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord.’  But I say to you, do not swear at all: neither by heaven, for it is God’s throne;  nor by the earth, for it is His footstool;  nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King.  Nor shall you swear by your head, because you cannot make one hair white or black.  But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,”No.’  For whatever is more than these is from the evil one.'”  We will also survey Jesus’ refute against the Pharisees when Jesus argues that “every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”  Jesus then adds by saying that,” If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against himself.”  Jesus asks the uncomplicated question, “How then will his(Satan’s) kingdom stand?”  I will get into this for you to the point that you will be able to understand the socio-historical context of both scriptural texts.  It is important for us to understand the socio-historical context of what all Scripture says because if we do not take the socio-historical context into consideration, we will fall into the common practice of many preachers of abusing scripture.  It is my duty, as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be led by the Holy Spirit in maintaining the scrupulousness of Holy Scripture.  Before I begin, I must reveal the credibility I have with “Greek-life.”  Before I begin, first and foremost it is inherently impossible for ANY African-American to call themselves “Greek” or take on the “Greek values” because these Greek practices were stolen from the continent of Africa (George G.M. James, Stolen Legacy, 1954).

Who am I?  I am a former member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc, and part of my overall yes to God’s instruction is to denounce all fraternal and sororal organizations that possess members in the Christian church.  Trust me:  when God told me to do this I did not want to do it, because many of my friends are members of fraternities and sororities.  Also, I cannot make big money from spreading this aspect of Christ’s message.  For example, I can exclaim, “Your blessing is on the way while living in sin,” and many people would mail me money and give me love offerings.   This is obviously not Christ truth, but preaching that type of message would make me a baller with a housing allowance.  This portion of Christ’s message that I minister in relation to fraternities and sororities is popular, but it is does not quench Christians’ thirst and it is not sweet to the ears of Christians because it requires Christians to renounce something that will no longer reward them social popularity.  Therefore, my response of a “Yes” to God was originally a fight I had with God.  I am not in ministry for popularity, money, a housing allowance, or clothing allowance.  I am in it because Christ instructed me to and because I love my wife.  If a minister truly loves his wife, then that minister loves the church as Christ loves the church.  I believe in miracles and if I do not honor my wife by fidelity, love, and humility, then my prayers would be hindered.  I pray for miracles all the time and I love to see the Holy Spirit work through miracles, therefore the love and fidelity that I have for my wife is the driving force of my prayer life.  I pray that this blog will help give you understanding and clarity as to why Christ forbids Christ’s followers to participate in other kingdoms other than Christ’s kingdom.

What was Jesus talking about when Jesus forbade the disciples and listeners of Christ not to partake in oath taking.  Fraternalism and sororalism is not a Greek thing or a new thing that started in 1908,1903, 1906, 1911, and definitely not 1914.  Actually, secret societies, or mystery systems, as it was originally called was originated before Christ.  In fact, secret societies is explicated, for the first time in the Holy Scriptures by Jesus, in Matthew 5. 33-37.  People swore by all sorts of things other than God to testify that their word was true.  They reasoned that if they broke their oath based on any of these lesser things, at least they were not bringing God’s name into disrepute.  It eventually became necessary for rabbis to decide which oaths were completely binding.  Jesus taught that everything by which one could swear is ultimately God’s, and demands that people simply be as good as their word.  Jesus argues the point in part from Scripture; Isaiah 66.1 declared that heaven is God’s throne and earth is his footstool.  Most people in Jewish Palestine had black or dark hair, unless they were older, in which case their hair was turning white; verse 36 would have been heard as referring to God’s control over aging.  Jesus’ rule here is stricter than the letter of the law but in accord with its spirit (Deut. 23. 21-23; Eccles. 5.5).  It is possible that the Essenes also avoided oath-taking after their initial oath to join their sect.  Specifically, in this biblical example, Jesus was teaching Christ’s listeners not to bring the culture into the Kingdom of God, but to take the Kingdom into the culture.  Although, Jesus did not deliberately say, “Thou shalt not be a member of a fraternity and sorority, but in this passage Jesus implied that God’s Kingdom does not emulate cultural practices, rituals, and traditions, but the worldly kingdom does.  Who is the prince of the world?  I will allow you to answer that!  God’s Kingdom is not an oath based kingdom, and nor should Christ’s followers participate in such practices.  By the way, fraternities and sororities practice oath-taking before initiation, both before and after initiation; only those who pledge take more than one oath.  If a member is “paper” than only one oath is taken, and that oath is normally taken at cluster.  In order to become a member of a fraternity or a sorority, one must take an oath, and if one takes the oath than one is bound to the financial duties, rituals of initiation, and traditions of hymns, poems, secrets, and “sayings” of that particular fraternity or sorority.  The next issue I must deal with is if a Christian is bound to these practices, traditions, and philosophies, then how can a Christian claim to be apart of God’s Kingdom and apart of this cultural kingdom?  What did Jesus say about it?

Well, when Jesus argued with the Pharisees when they questioned the exorcisms and miracles Jesus performed, Jesus’ essential counter-question was, “How could Satan bring down Satan’s kingdom?”  I beg to ask,” if a Christian is apart of God’s kingdom, then how could a Christian help uphold God’s kingdom?”  Based on what Jesus asks implies that it is impossible for this to happen.  The fact that there are so many Christians that practice cultural philosophies, traditions, and rituals is no different than serving another god.  The essence of serving another god, within itself, implies that oath-taking is anti-Christian.  The essence of maintaining one’s membership of a fraternity or sorority is anti-Christian because NO sorority or fraternity is Christian.  In fact, no on can tell me that the “hazing process” is Christian; the process is anti-Christian.  I do not have a problem with those members of fraternities and sororities that are not Christian, because they do not believe in Christ anyway; my issue and Christ’s issue is with those that call themselves Christian.  Christians cannot call themselves Christian and participate in anti-Christian practices, traditions, and rituals.  These fraternal and sororal rituals, shields, hymns, “crossing burning sands” are all practices of pagan mystery systems that are based off of the worship and philosophy of Isis, Osiris, and Horus.  In fact, all fraternal and sororal organizations are based and supported by pantheon gods.  Kappa Alpha Psi’s pantheon god is Apollo and Ares; “so called” Greek sun gods.  All of the other fraternities and sororities are supported by other pantheon gods.  Not only does Christ not want us to take oaths, but when Christians take oaths to these mis-nomered Greek organizations, their oaths are done in homage of these pantheon gods.  The First Commandment commands believers in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, not to have any other god’s before Me (Ex. 20.3).  Due to oath taking, Christians violate commandment number 1.

I am going to end this blog for today.  Reflect on these facts that I gave you, and test what I stated and what Jesus stated in the Bible by putting it through the fire.  I warn you: if you feel like I am wrong, and you feel like something is telling you that you do not have to transform, just know that Satan does not want you to renounce and denounce the fraternity or sorority life.  Why would Satan command you to relinquish something that would cause your relationship with Christ to improve?  Why would Satan tell you to cease your activities with hazing, and humiliating people, and using people like slaves, and applying pressure to people, and commanding people to buy alcohol and drugs for you, or cutting your grass, or purchasing flowers for your wife, or painting your house, or purchasing tampons for you?  That is my point, Satan would not tell you to.  When Jesus wants to draw us nearer, Jesus sometimes tells us to do things that are uncomfortable to our souls like stop watching t.v. this moment and worship me for 2 hours.  Your soul would say, but I have to work tomorrow, or I will do it later; but Christ says now!  Christ wants you and Christ loves you so much that there is more for you to do in the Kingdom of God besides put on a t-shirt that says”Delta Sigma Theta,” and feed the homeless.  God says, feed the homeless, and the orphans and widows in My Name, but not in the name of Minerva. I give you a warning, just as a prophet once warned the Israelites,”woe unto them that call evil good and good evil” (Isaiah 5. 20)!

Lastly, to all those who want to argue with me, just know that you are not arguing with me, but you are arguing with Christ.  I did not write the Holy Scriptures, I am just explaining what Jesus stated and being obedient to it.  It is better to be obedient to Christ, rather than sacrifice.  So to all of the pastors and ministers out there that are fasting and praying for miracles in their congregations, and is apart of these fraternities, your fasting and praying is for nought if you are cheating on your wife and not honoring and walking in obedience to God.  God is calling for OBEDIENCE TO HIS WORD!  Go in peace and be blessed in Christ.

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